How to send an invoice to Vestland County Council

Suppliers must send all invoices to Vestland fylkeskommune electronically in Ecommerce Format (EHF). The Norwegian EHF Billing format is compatible with the European format called Peppol BIS Billing 3.0.

For all our sub-units, the invoice must be addressed to Vestland fylkeskommune, organization number 821 311 632. The sub-unit where the goods or services are delivered must be placed in the delivery address field on the invoice.

  • Electronic invoice address: 0192:821311632
  • Access point: Visma

Online invoice portals

If you do not have an invoice system that can provide electronic invoices, we recommend that you use an online invoice portal.

Certified Peppol Access Points

Invoice reference

If the invoice originates from an order from our ecommerce shopping system, our internal order number must be placed on the invoice. We use an eight-digit code, which is preferably placed in “Order reference”.

  • In the xml-file this number should be placed here: OrderReference/ID

“Your reference” is a required field in the EHF-standard. Here you must place a five or six digit reference. The employee from our organization will provide this when placing the order.

  • In the xml-file this number should be placed here: AccountingCustomerParty/Party/Contact/ID

NB! No additional information in these fields, only these digits.

List of vaild invoice references

Are you going to send an invoice to Vestland County Council, but have not been given a valid invoice reference? If you know which department that should recieve the invoice, you can use this list to find the reference (PDF)

The vaild reference consists of six digits and must be placed in the “Buyer reference” field in the XML file.

Payment requirements

Invoices will be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.