Coronavirus– advice and information in other languages.

Various information about the corona virus situation in different languages.

The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) and the National Centre of Multicultural Education (NAFO) have gathered various information about the coronavirus in different languages.

IMDi: Useful websites in other languages.

Information from NAFO

Quick facts about coronavirus:  NRK’s «New in Norway» has made short films with information about the coronavirus and advice from the health authorities. The films have Arabic, Dari, Somali and Tigrinya subtitles.

Information about home quarantine and self-isolation: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health website has information about home quarantine and self-isolation in several languages. The information can also be downloaded in PDF-format.

Films about home quarantine and self-isolation: Short films with information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health about home quarantine and self-isolation in the following languages: Norwegian, English, French, Arabic, Somali, Urdu, Tigrinya and sign language.

How to talk to children about the coronavirus: Save the Children Norway have six tips on how to discuss the coronavirus with your children. The tips can be downloaded in PDF-format in 15 different languages.


Instruction for Vg2 and Vg3 pupils in vocational courses from April 27

From April 27, it is allowed that pupils in vocational courses at Vg2 and Vg3 level can be taught at school. Read more

Opens up for the completion of trade and journeyman’s exam tests

The situation with the spread of coronavirus has consequences for the conduct of trade and journeyman’s exam tests. In many industries and disciplines it is not possible or justifiable to run tests, while in others it can go perfectly fine. Vestland County Council has decided to open for the conduct of trade and journeyman’s exam tests where possible from Friday 26 March.

The examining committees must in every single case assess in consultation with the local test station and the candidate whether it is possible and justifiable to conduct the test. Current national guidelines for infection control must always be part of this assessment.

It is a prerequisite that everyone who is ready for the test must be completely healthy and that the test can be conducted in accordance with national guidelines for infection control. The test committee members must be physically present on the test, otherwise there is no authority to conduct tests digitally via skype or the like.

If the members of the examination board themselves are prevented from conducting tests because they are sentenced to quarantine, have care assignments for children who do not go to school or kindergarten, or that the employer does not have the opportunity to release, the test must be postponed. The same applies if the members of the test committees themselves are at risk, have a socially critical function, or are hindered by local travel restrictions.

Unemployment benefits

If you have been made redundant or laid off as a result of the coronavirus situation, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits from NAV. You have to register as a job seeker at NAV and attach the redundancy letter from your training establishment.

Information to training establishments and training offices

We anticipate that many apprentices will be made redundant due to the coronavirus situation. The training establishments must report apprentices that have been made redundant as a result of this situation to Vestland County Council.

The appropriate form can be found on this website:

More information

More information and links to NAV:

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training published the following on their website 13th of March 2020:

Apprentices shall comply with the training establishment’s routines. If the apprentice is made redundant (temporarily laid off) as a consequence of the coronavirus situation, they are to have their apprenticeship period extended before they can sit their trade or journeyman’s examination.

If the trade and journeyman’s examination, training practice certificate test and the skills test cannot be carried out as planned in the near future, the training establishments shall accommodate for the examination or test to be carried out at a later time. In these cases, we recommend that the apprenticeship contract/training contract is extended. A new date for completion must be set and approved by the county council. The same will apply for training candidates.